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Multitalented genius
and internationally
celebrated scientist

Natural scientist, botanist, zoologist and geologist – as well as doctor, philosopher and innovative teacher. Carl Linnaeus was a multitalented scholar, and has become one of the world's most famous scientist.

Here on our website you can find out more about Linnaeus and how he is remembered today. Thank you for visiting our website.

Welcome to the Swedish Linnaeus Society
The aim of the Swedish Linnaeus Society is to spread and increase knowledge about Linnaeus and his work – as inspiring today as it was groundbreaking in his day.

We nurture the legacy of Carl Linnaeus, among other things by publishing writings by and about Linnaeus and his followers, his “disciples”. Activities for members are organised every year.

The Linnaeus museum in Uppsala
Since 1937, The Society has run the Linnaeus Museum, which is housed in the building that was Linnaeus’ official residence in Uppsala. Visitors to the building can see furniture, household items, textiles and personal effects that belonged to Linnaeus and his family.

The museum is open to visitors in the summertime, featuring daily tours and texts in several languages. Guided tours can also be booked at any time of year.